SHARP Robotics programs focus on teaching problem solving, logic,  stem, creativity, and cooperation in a fun, project based atmosphere. Most classes meet once per week for an hour. Projects are typically 1-2 classes long. Students may work in teams or individually as they carry out their projects.


Preschool Robotics

Students aged 4-5 work on multiple projects to hopefully foster a love of learning and engineering concepts. We want them to leave the classes thinking they hope to go into the sciences one day! Example projects would be to program your teacher, create your own robot, build a city. We want to teach concepts like “what is a robot?”, “what is a program?”, or “how to think sequentially.” Each class starts with a game. We look forward to beginning your students love for engineering!

Level 1 Robotics (1st and 2nd grade students)
Level 2 Robotics (3rd and 4th grade kids)
Level 3 Robotics (5th and 6th grade kids)


High school Robotics

SHARP offers VEX and FRC teams for 8-12 graders. Students can choose to focus on mechanical, electrical, or programming parts of the robot, or a combination of the three. New team members can join with little to no prior knowledge and then find their niche in the team. Team members are required to help at at least three outreach events, but they’re so fun people do many more. FRC team meeting/work days typically last 3 hours, but with permission students can come in early to work on their projects.