The SHARP teams comes from a building that will be celebrating its 115th year in existence this year. Kids are welcomed from all over the city and surrounding communities. Kids on our team go to over 10 different schools, and some of our team members travel an hour to be part of our team. This summer we partnered with community organizations throughout the area to be part of over 30 different outreach events. We have a rich history of kids oriented programs, and hope to continue that tradition by expanding our love for STEM and Engineering.

Past competitions

2010 – Breakaway: Our inaugural year. We had approximately 10 kids on the team. The robot barely moved. We used Labview and we struggled to get the robot to talk to the field, probably because of some update we were missing. We had a robot that looked like a big orange house and chain that kept falling off of the drivetrain. We had a winched kicker that we never actually got to test working, because we had so much trouble just moving. We did score one goal by pushing the ball into the goal, and that was incredible. We cheered like crazy for that one goal. We didn’t make alliance selections. We were awarded “Rookie Inspiration.”


2011- Logomotion: We fixed our drivetrain problems by going with a direct drive system. We used a pneumatic arm that put up the game pieces. We were able to score only a few times (1 or 2), but we felt so much more successful because we were driving around the field and “playing” (or attempting to play). We also had a minibot this year that climbed the pole awesomely, but we never successfully deployed the minibot on the pole. This year marked great progress for us, but again we did not make alliance selections.


2012- Rebound Rumble: This was the first year we used a Mecanum drive. This was the first year we were also able to score in just about each match. This is the first year we used Vision. We were able to score during autonomous. We mixed in VEX parts for our pick-up. We were able to balance on the center board once. We were playing very successfully this year, yet we did not make eliminations. This is the first year that this was very upsetting to us. This year we came up with the idea to do the Pittsburgh Scrimmage because we were disappointed about not making eliminations. We still had approximately 15 kids on the team.


2013- Ultimate Ascent: This year we had a robot that could throw Frisbees into the goal. This is the first year we went to two regionals. This year we also had mecanum wheels. We also had a vision and an auto that worked. We were able to hang from the pyramid, which was a crazy hard feat for us. We were picked by a higher placed team during the Cleveland Regional and had a pretty good chance of making it fairly far. We made it to finals at both the Pittsburgh Regional and the Cleveland Regional. This was also our first year as SHARP.


2014: Aerial Assist: This year was the first year that we had a welded frame. We also had an arm that was pneumatic but fairly simple. We had a consistent autonomous program this year. We used a 6 wheel drop center drive train with Colson wheels. We played twice this year, and we won the Pittsburgh Regional. We made it to finals during the Cleveland Regional as well.


2015- Recycle Rush: This year we had a simple design. We were able to lift the boxes on an elevator/chain lift. The arms that held the bins were pneumatic. We moved used a mecanum drive train. While we ranked higher during play, we were only able to make it to semi-finals at both competitions (Pittsburgh and Cleveland Regional).