Team 3260 had a very busy build and competition season. Our students worked hard and came in a minimum of 12 hours a week to build the robot. Saturdays were especially busy with our work going late into the night. We are very proud of our robot Q*Bert.

At the Miami Valley Regional, the team made it to rank 52. Our drive team tried really hard but it wasn’t meant to be. Congratulations to the Metrobots for their Chairman’s win at MVR!

We were able to learn from our past mistakes in time for the Greater Pittsburgh Regional. We made a PVC pit to help contain our tools and hang our banners. Our drive team got much more time to practice before the competition. And both our scouters and Chairman’s team got more practice in their respective fields. At the competition, we were ranked 13 and chosen for the 8th seed alliance with Bonds and Royal Robotics. Against all odds, the 8th seed alliance was able to defeat the shoo-in 1st seed alliance. Although we advanced in quarterfinals, we were later eliminated in the semifinals. In the end, we managed to win the Quality Award at the competition and our mentor Tom Pope won the Woodie Flowers Award. Congratulations to Tom and to the Girls of Steel for their Chairman’s win at GPR!

This may mean that our season is over, but it doesn’t mean we’re slowing down. We still have weekly off-season meetings and continue to prepare for next season as well as work with the community through outreach. We’re also cheering on our VEX team who is headed to VEX Worlds in April.┬áPlus, we just hosted an end-of-season scrimmage with the Girls of Steel. We’re also preparing for the WOW championship in May and WVROX in August. Stay tuned for more updates from Team 3260 throughout the off season!