This past Saturday January 9th the SHARP team went to the A.W. Beattie Career Center to meet with the rest of the FIRST community in Pittsburgh to watch the Game Reveal. As kickoff ticked by the excitement and anticipation in the room began to increase. When the game was revealed we were all extremely excited for this year’s game Stronghold. After the video the entire community divided up to do short Brainstorming activities, we were able to go and see examples of the field elements. This year’s game includes nine different defenses that we have to traverse to score a “boulder” in the goals in the other alliances castle. The following Sunday the entire SHARP team students and mentors met at Sarah Heinz House to Brainstorm. We broke into small groups to decide on the strategy that we would like to play the game with. We presented the ideas to the whole group then the students voted on which they would like to do. As a team we decided that our first priority would be…… (Strategy redacted until season) After we chose our strategy we broke into our areas of expertise, programming began working on vision systems and autonomous. Electronics and mechanical are working on prototyping mechanisms to score the “boulders” and traverse the defenses.


By Brad Sobien