2016 Off-season Workshops

Workshop Signup Form: http://goo.gl/forms/AZQRcZICuk


We are so excited for the upcoming FRC community day! We are hosting a series of workshops that we can host if people are interested in attending these talks.
For lunch we will be offering free pizza for anyone participating! We are asking that each team bring a 2 liter drink and a bag of chips (cups will be provided).
We also thought it might be fun to add in something non-robot for a bit of “get to know you” time, so we will be hosting a dodge-ball tournament and a billiards tournament at the end of the workshops.


(The community event will last from 12 PM until 4 PM)
12:00 PM Arrival
12:10 Opening Remarks
12:20 – 12:55 Session 1 Workshop
1:00 Session 2 Workshop
1:35 Lunch
2:15 Session 3 Workshop
2:50 Dodge-ball / Pool Tournament
3:50 Closing Remarks


Here are the workshops we currently have available:
Topic Presenter
Best Times to Use CAD in the Design Process Chris Quick – Realbotics
The Design Process University of Pittsburgh FSAE Racing Team
Importance of Prototyping Doug (FRC 117 – Steel Dragons)
FRC Strategic Design Aidan H (FRC 3260 – SHARP)
FRC Building Materials FRC 3260 – SHARP
Intro to Pneumatics Systems Luke M (FRC 3260 – SHARP)
FRC Electronics FRC 2614 – MARS
History of FRC/FIRST Sean McMahon (FRC 2656 – Quasics)
How to Impress Judges Mike Dischner (local FRC judge)
Chairman’s Award Alex (FRC 2614 – MARS)
Fundraising Girls of Steel (FRC 3504)
Java Programming Adam Wechter
New LabVIEW Features for 2016 — Steve (FRC 2614 – MARS) Steve (FRC 2614 – MARS)
Workshop Signup Form: http://goo.gl/forms/AZQRcZICuk


We currently have the following teams signed up to attend:
3955 – JCP 4H Gears
291 – CIA
2656 – Quasics
2614 – MARS Robotics
6143 – Evangel Heights Christian Academy
2051 – Beattie
4150 – FRobotics
3504 – Girls of Steel
3260 – SHARP
4467 – Titanium Titans