Our Team

We are Team 3260, SHARP Robotics. Our FIRST Robotics team is run out of Sarah Heinz House Boys and Girls Club in the Northside of Pittsburgh.   In keeping with the Vision of Sarah Heinz House, our belief is that “all children in our community will achieve personal success, dream big, and impact their world in positive ways.” While we are a competitive high school robotics team who is dedicated to building high quality robots, we are also committed to building character, creating a positive environment for learning, and spreading STEM in our community and beyond.


Our Motto

We are a student-driven team committed to developing an inclusive culture of leadership, learning, and problem solving.

We believe that anyone can participate in robotics, and of course, look SHARP doing it!


Latest News

2018 Season Recap

Team 3260 had a very busy build and competition season. Our students worked hard and came in a minimum of 12 hours a week to build the robot. Saturdays were especially busy with our work going late into the night. We are very proud of our robot Q*Bert. At the Miami...

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Power Up Challenge 2018

Power Up Challenge 2018

On January 6, cold weather forced the Sharp Team into Sarah Heinz House to view the annual release of the FRC Challenge. Over 30 members watched a retro 8-bit introduction of the philosophy behind the challenge of capturing and controlling the arena with power up...

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May Madness 2017

This year’s May Madness is out! If you don’t know what May Madness is, it is an event run by SHARP and is held in the Sarah Heinz House gym every year to promote robotics. It focuses on creativity, learning, and having fun! The main event this year is Mice Escape, where each team’s robot must help the mice escape. Three more challenges will be held during May Madness. These include the Robot Parade, the Grand Challenge, and the new Bio-Bot Show Off. We look forward to seeing each team enjoying our annual May Madness event this year! More info can be found on the May Madness page here – http://sharprobotics.plumnailsandspa.com/may-madness/

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